V-Eco Food Wraps

Fed up fighting with unruly clingfilm? Sick of "sealable" bag that simply won’t seal? Looking for a reusable alternative that can help you do your bit for the planet, avoid wasting food, save you money in the long-run and help you navigate towards a plastic-free life?


V-Eco Food Wraps - the waxed, non-sticky alternative to clingfilm and sandwich bags, offering a plant-based, eco-friendly way of keeping cold food fresh. The range includes the ButtyWrap™, the WrapRound™, the LoafLover™ and the CutleryCaddy™. They’re handmade by me in Liverpool and infused with my unique wax blend of only 3 natural premium vegan ingredients – candelilla wax, cold-pressed jojoba oil and food–grade pine resin. You can browse and buy the full range on my website: www.v-ecofoodwraps.co.uk

Different from other food wraps on the market, mine are non-sticky, so they leave no waxy residue on your crockery or glassware - or indeed on your food. They’re made from 100% cotton and are plastic-free – they don’t have any plastic lining so no worry about it ripping and no plastic/Velcro fastenings. Instead they have natural coconut buttons or wooden toggles, along with cotton cord to securely hold them in place. They have a longer life than the sticky wraps as you don’t have to scrunch them up to release the stickiness and all edges are professionally finished to prevent them from fraying.

They're easy to care for - just wash flat in cool water and washing-up liquid, air dry and then store in the cotton draw-string bag that comes with your order.

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