Submarine Manufacturing & Products Limited

SMP Ltd are UK designers and manufacturers of commercial diving, medical hyperbaric applications as well as military subsea and emergency rescue solutions. A firmly established equipment supplier serving organisations the world over. With clients across six continents, we deliver a diverse selection of workable solutions.

Over 35 years’ in-depth knowledge of the diving and subsea industries. Our experienced and talented team has an intimate understanding of marine and subterranean engineering, allowing us to deliver outstanding solutions for a wide range of complex applications.

We offer a range of specialist solutions geared towards diving, subsea and hyperbaric technology. Our systems are currently in use across the globe, helping organisations ranging from energy companies to police forces.

Below, you’ll find a list of our services:

• Compressors & Breathing Air Systems

• Diver Hot Water Machines

• Diving Decompression Chambers

• Hyperbaric Medical Chambers

• Hyperbaric Reception Facilities

• Kirby Morgan Diving Helmets

• Launch and Recovery Systems

• Machinery Containers

• Diving Panels

• Saturation Diving Systems

• Submarine Rescue Systems

• Tunnelling Chambers

• Nitrogen Generation

  • submarine rescue systems

  • commercial diving equipment

  • hyperbaric medical chambers

  • marine and subterranean engineering

Business Details

Blackpool Road, Newton-With-Scales, Preston, Lancashire, PR4 3RE

+44 (0) 1772 687775