Southern Roots Tree Care

Business name: Southern Roots Tree Care

Address: 2120 Volunteer Pkwy, Bristol, TN 37620

Phone: (423) 793-8070

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"Welcome to Southern Roots Tree Care, your trusted partner in nurturing the arboreal beauty of Bristol, TN. Our website,, stands as a testament to our commitment to the well-being of your trees and landscapes.

With a profound understanding of the Southern ecosystem, we provide a range of comprehensive tree services that go beyond branches and leaves. Our skilled arborists specialize in tree trimming, precise tree cutting & removal, and efficient stump grinding & removal. We understand that each tree has a story, and we're here to ensure that story continues harmoniously.

Transforming ordinary landscapes into breathtaking vistas is our passion. Our landscaping services bring together creativity and nature, crafting outdoor spaces that resonate with the Southern charm. We understand the significance of prompt response, especially during emergencies, which is why our dedicated team is always prepared to provide swift and effective emergency tree services.

At Southern Roots Tree Care, we don't just offer services; we cultivate relationships. Our mission is to nurture both the roots of your trees and the roots of trust we establish with each client. Our website not only showcases our expertise but also serves as a valuable resource, offering insights into tree care and maintenance.

Explore our website to discover the essence of Southern tree care, rooted in knowledge, experience, and a genuine love for nature. Partner with us to create a landscape where every tree has a story and every story is intertwined with the legacy of Bristol, TN."

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Business Details

2120 Volunteer Pkwy, Bristol, Tn 37620, Bristol, Us, 37620

(423) 793-8070

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    09:00 - 18:00

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