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At Pet Flaps UK we install Cat Flaps and Dog Doors in the most unusual places! Standard doors, Aluminium, UPVC, Double and Triple-Glazed doors and windows, Composite doors, even tunnels through brick and concrete walls.

Our fitters will not be daunted!

Choose from 2-way or 4-way access, automatic unlocking with collar tags and the very latest Smart Home Technology with automatic release and locking, programmed to your pet's microchip. Let your pet in and keep nosey neighbours out!

Give your pets the freedom they yearn for with a professional installation of your Cat Flap or Dog Door. Call Pet Flaps UK.

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  • John and 'Katy Purry' (haha her real name is Sally) are really helpful. My husband said it would be impossible to fit a catflap in our back door because its a composite super security one. Anyway he didn't want some "cheap plastic" so we've got a really nice one with a little tunnel through the wall, its made in Belgium and looks really nice. Cost a bit more than the cheap ones from pet shops or amazon but well worth it

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