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I became a plumber and set up Patchway plumbing because I was inspired by my local plumber Debbie Dandaz. She was a lovely woman and went around the village checking on people's plumbing systems getting to know every member of the community as she went. She learnt the trade herself and continue to develop her skills by reading and attending training courses. She often helps my mum and I when we struggled with maintaining our plumbing system because it was very old and we couldn't afford anything new. Her small plumbing company (she only really had Boris Gorleston as a local helper but still the two on of them made up a company) used to come out to us at all hours and help us if we ran into difficulty. She understood our situation and was conscientious and kind in her approach. I used to watch her work and she often allowed me to help her teaching me what I need to know for basic maintenance. This is when I fell in love with the work of a plumber and wanted my own company one day. I love that everyone knew her in the village and she really cared about people. Plumbing has since remained my passion and I have built the same community reputation with Patchway plumbing which I am very proud of. Our plumbing company was wholeheartedly inspired by Debbie Dandaz. She was my mentor and was always on the phone if I had any questions relating to plumbing. Although she's not with us today, I carry her approach and kindness with me every day Shirley especially when someone needs my plumbing services. In this busy world we are now living, it is rare to find a company that puts community and heart in front of profit. Yet I hope Patchway plumbing can remain in the same league as Debbie Dandaz. Thanks, Debs!

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7 Amberley Road , Patchway , Bristol, Avon, BS34 6BU

0117 214 1078

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