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Pass Faster - Intensive Driving Courses in Blackley, Manchester are the premier Driving School to book in the North West. Both professional and affordable, the company has the best driving instructors in the area and has an extremely high pass rate! Book intensive driving lessons in over a few weeks so that you pass faster and with less hassle and stress. Lessons are available in both automatic and manual vehicles and all driving instructors are patient and polite.

Pass Faster provides a door-to-door service for the local community with the opportunity to pick you up and drop you off at school, at work, in your home or apartment. The driving school teaches you everything from parking to starting in high traffic, hill starts and turn manoeuvres. The company instructors will teach you safe driving and you will gain valuable experience in road traffic. Instructors give the best driving tips along the way and provide door to door service to schools, businesses, hospitals, churches, parks and other public places.

Pass Faster gives you everything you need to hire a driving school. If you have a working vehicle for your business, your budget includes all the locations you need, and you can customise your lessons in a fun and interactive way to match what you need to learn. Since Pass Faster offers a wide range of driving lessons, from basic to advanced driving skills, you will want to know what Pass Faster wants to teach students.

On route, driving students can experience different road and traffic conditions at any time and you know which basics are covered. You can try to learn on the road test track through your local Pass Faster training instructor, which will help your pass on an intensive course in just a few weeks quite often!

One of the many myths surrounding intensive driving schools is that it cannot be possible for someone to actually learn how to drive a car in a few hours. While regular driving lessons usually last five to twelve months, an ""intensive course"" is packed with everything worth knowing in about a week. Intensive driving courses, sometimes referred to as ""crash courses,"" are ideal for people who want to pass their driving test. Although the driving lessons last a few days, they can last longer than the regular driving lessons.

For this reason, some intensive lessons will help you pass the test in a short time, but you will need to compress what you need to learn in a smaller time frame to increase how long you will spend in the car each day. For example, you can take an intensive course and take more hours of lessons than a regular hour, or you want to pass a practical test and need more time to take a written theory exam than you need to take the exam. If you want to learn how to drive faster in the first week of the course, you will need at least two hours of driving lessons per day and up to four hours per week thereafter.

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90 Victoria Ave E, Blackley, Manchester, M9 6HF

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