Pankaj Garg Life Coach

Pankaj Garg Life Coach provides life coaching, hypnotherapy, and NLP techniques to change your life positively. Pankaj Garg is a certified professional life coach and Hypnotherapist of Pankaj Garg Life Coach in Slough and based in the UK. I provide services of Life Coach, Counselling, and Hypnotherapy in Slough. I am very passionate about helping people transform, find direction, perform better, improve health, and achieve goals to lead better, more fulfilling, and satisfying lives. Whether face-to-face or online, I create a comfortable and safe space for you during the session. At the start of his sessions, I will discuss your problem(s) and what you want to achieve from the session. I will ask you more questions to get to know you. You will find me listening to you keenly. I like to get a very detailed background, as this helps identify any potential reasons for the negative feelings and behaviors you're experiencing. At Pankaj Garg, you can get a free consultation on phone before booking the session.