Pankaj Garg Life Coach and Hypnotherapy

My name is Pankaj Garg and I am a certified professional life coach and Hypnotherapist in Slough and based in UK. I work as a Life Coach, Counsellor, NLP practitioner and Hypnotherapist in Slough UK.

I am a fast result hypnotherapist and counsellor. I am also a member of Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). I use various NLP techniques, mindfulness, time line therapy and hypnosis to achieve healthy mindset and transform life of my clients. I am a solution-focused hypnotherapist and I promise you to get fast results from Hypnotherapy.

I provide life coaching, hypnotherapy and NLP techniques to make positive change in your life. I am based in Slough.

I provide services of Life Coach, Counselling and Hypnotherapy in Slough.

I am very passionate about helping people to transform, to find direction, perform better, improve health and achieve goals so that they can lead better, more fulfilling and satisfying lives.