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I am a business coach for highly ambitious businesses owners, CEOs and leadership teams in companies of all sizes - seeking accelerated, sustainable growth and heavily committed to developing their people with a culture that inspires and endures.

My efficacy derives from my certification in a wide array of complementary disciplines and his extensive seniorleadership experience across the globe. As a member of HSBC’s global fast-track leadership programme (“International Manager”), my banking career spanned twenty-three years and all of the group’s major businesses in numerous senior roles, including as CEO Belgium and global board member of HSBC Private Bank as Global Head of Collaboration

between all of the Group’s major business divisions. As such, I have a keen appreciation for the leadership competencies, collaboration and engagement needed to drive a multinational organisation successfully.

My clients include teams and executives at firms such as American Express, Credit Suisse, HSBC, Louis Dreyfus, ADP, Rituals, Delphi Automotive as well as a number of much smaller but highly ambitious businesses craving excellence and leadership in their


I have lived and worked in London, Madrid, Barcelona, Manila, Cebu, Hong Kong, Paris, Mexico City, Brussels, Geneva and Turin. My training includes:

✦ Certified Practitioner with The Leadership Circle to administer diagnostic assessments of senior executive leaders and leadership teams;

✦ Business Coach with Gravitas Impact Premium Coaches;

✦ Certified Scrum Master with Scrum Alliance and an Agile Leadership Coach

✦ Certified Team Coach with CRR Global (ORSCC);

✦ Certified Professional Co-Active Coach with the Co-Active Training Institute (CPCC);

✦ Certified Firewalking Executive Instructor with the Firewalking Institute.

I am completely fluent in English, French, Spanish and Italian.

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