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The Massage and Rehabilitation Clinic ( Putney ) London is situated in South West London since relocating from southern Spain where it was established some twelve years ago. The Clinic was founded originally twenty-five years ago in the Putney area of London prior to moving to southern California and Hungary. A full circle.

The clinic deals primarily with sports, occupational and life induced injuries. This encompasses many aspects of our health, ranging from sports injuries and accidents, dysfunctions of the body, stress relief and management, to general wellbeing.

We fix injuries as fast as it is physically possible. This allows you to get back to your normal life routines with the least possible disruption, whether this is looking after your children, returning to work, getting back in the garden or back into your favourite sport. We also offer guidance on managing your rehabilitation and recovery.

The clinic is continually growing and is very popular in the local area, as well as with people who fly in for treatment from around the world; many people also enjoy the holiday atmosphere of the local area during their stay.

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SW15 2DR, Roehampton, United Kingdom


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    07:45 - 19:00

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    07:45 - 19:00

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    07:45 - 19:00

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