Loose Goose Clothing

Loose Goose Clothing was born out of our passion for simple branding of quality garments.

We wanted to create a brand that makes the consumers feel at home – like we’ve been around for years.

Our simple, effortless and classic design withstands the test of the ever-growing fashion industry. Ladies and gentleman I bring you Loose Goose.

The meaning of being a ‘loose goose’ varies. On one hand it represents someone that takes chances, is an out of the box thinker and separates themselves from others to achieve what they want.

On the other hand, being a loose goose may be perceived as someone who has a more mischievous side.

With that in mind, the brand stands with confidence, with a raised eyebrow it questions your every decision hoping you’ve made the right one!

But there are many ways you can interpret our brand, making it something special for men and boys of all ages.

The partnership behind Loose Goose was formed with a common goal to create clothing we are proud to make, and our customers are proud to wear.

As well as gaining a superior product, your Loose Goose purchase will be contributing to the Herts Young Homeless charity, which supports the most vulnerable young people in Hertfordshire.

It will also go some way to supporting the local economy and the environment – all of our packaging is organic and sourced nearby.

Thanks for taking the time to find out what we’re about. Happy browsing!

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Twin Bsrns Aston End , Stevenage , Herts, SG2 7HD