Look My Recipes

Hi! I’m Nancy E-Wilson I am so excited that you are here! I love to prepare good dishes for others and to please them, it is on this blog that I like to share my culinary passion, I am a full-time culinary blogger. I prepare easy recipes with very simple ingredients. I started this blog (Look My Recipes) in September 2015, I had an idea in mind is to create a culinary blog to entertain and treat my friends, who strongly encouraged me to share my recipes on the web, in front of the enthusiasm and all the passion that I put into cooking each time the small dishes that I wanted exceptional. Blogging quickly turned into a full-time career which is a far cry from the electrical engineer I started and I’m grateful for that! I can always stay home with my boys and do what I love. I am incredibly blessed and grateful for each of my readers who make this possible. I love sharing little bribes of my life with you and I’m so glad you decided to drop by.