K9 Bodycare

Nurture the health & enhance the happiness of your dog.

Canine massage helps in supporting and assisting the canine muscular system, by rehabilitating dogs soft tissue injuries & supporting orthopaedic conditions, that may be having a detrimental effect on mobility, behaviour, quality of life, activity levels and pain management.

The ideal therapy for pet, senior & ageing, sporting & working, young & active, nervous & anxious dogs – restoring, maintaining and enhancing your dog’s overall wellbeing.

Clinical Canine Massage therapy is an important element of a complete wellness program for your dog. Complementing veterinary care and integrating readily with all forms of canine health therapies.

"Your Dog, Their Body, Their Health, Their Wellbeing"

Clinical Canine Massage is a results driven physical therapy:

- Helps rehabilitate Soft Tissue injuries that you will see as discomfort, lameness and mobility issues

- Improves a dogs mobility / pain management / activity levels

- Nurtures the health and enhance the happiness of your dog

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