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Offering a wide collection of CBD oil that is developed and created using only plant based natural ingredients, our CBD oil is second to none. You can order a selection of strengths on our website to order directly to your home, such as; 5%, 10%, 15% and 30% which you can buy either individual bottles, or you can order a gift set that has one of each. Our team work directly with chemists and manufacturers to ensure we develop only the highest quality of plant based CBD oils for our clients, our goal is to provide CBD oil that is suitable for all lifestyles and anyone who wishes to use CBD oil as a management option.

CBD oil is perfect for a range of uses such as; insomnia & sleep disorder, arthritis and inflammation, depression, pain management and much more. We recommend using our products one to three times daily, using 1-5 drops, placing the pipette under the tongue and waiting 1 minute before swallowing. Our CBD oils offer the full spectrum of benefits unlike those companies who offer CBD oil that uses CBD isolate, by doing so we are able to suggest that our products will work for a longer list of issues. Our site offers a vast amount of knowledge and expertise on the CBD oil we offer, with a CBD guide available, helping you determine which strength would be right for you, alongside answering all of the questions you might have, ranging from what is CBD oil? Through to, How do i verify the potency of your products, we are as transparent as possible with all of our potential clients. We want to bring you natural, organic and plant based CBD oil choices that are available online to be delivered directly to your home for whenever you need a way to help you in your day to day life.

The lab results that we offer on our site, we do so to allow all of our clients the chance to check out the great work our third party lab carry out, ensuring all of our CBD Oils are compliant to UK regulations on CBD oil and hemp products. We ensure all of our products pass the safety checks before we place it on our website for sale. You can take a look at the reports for each of the different strengths that we offer. Be sure to check us out today and let us bring your natural, plant based CBD oil at competitive prices.

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