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As one of the the top drain clearing services in the Exeter area, we can guarantee that every time you call us you will not only receive exceptional customer service, but also tradesmen who have the very best training in the industry and come equipped with the most modern tools. You may think that drainage only requires plumbing and a bit of elbow grease to get the job done. However in order to cause minimum disruption to your property, it's actually very important that we come prepared with rather technological equipment.

For example, did you know that pipes commonly attract tree roots which then grow within them causing blockages. This is because the moisture inside of sewage networks encourages roots to grow towards them . Removal of such obstructions can be quite costly if an excavation is needed. However luckily in many cases it is not. The way we can discover how complex the actual removal will be is by using a CCTV survey. In this we will use a camera to look at the inner workings of your pipes and discover exactly how much work is necessary . We can then use our electric tree rooters to remove any obstructions caused.

Other jobs that may require technology can include obstructions in internal pipes. Once again we will be able to use our cameras to analyse the amount of blockage and quickly remove it . For this we typically use auteurs if the clog is far enough down, as this long and snake-like tool allows us to reach even the furthest corners of your pipes.

With our company, you know that you are receiving quality and efficient service every single time. Our employees are always ready 24/7 with a smile and advice. We're the year round emergency drain clearing service you can rely on!

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