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    If you've lost your dog, there are a number of things you should do to find your pet as quickly as possible. 1. CHECK AREAS YOUR DOG IS FAMILIAR WITH Firstly, if you have a small dog, check anywhere within the house they could be hiding. Search areas where you would normally take your dog for a walk or, if you’ve moved recently, ask around at your old address. Ask your neighbours to check anywhere where your dog may have got trapped such as sheds or garages. If there are any building sites nearby ask them to have a look around also. Take treats and your dog’s favourite toy when out on your search as familiar scents and sounds (their favourite squeaker) may alert them of your presence. 2. REPORT YOUR DOG MISSING TO YOUR MICROCHIP COMPANY Inform your microchip company that your dog is lost as soon as possible, this will stop someone being able to try and change the microchip details. Equally it is an opportunity to check that your details are up to date should anyone find your dog and need to contact you. Some companies, such as Petlog, will also be able to send out alerts of your missing dog to their network. 3. CONTACT YOUR LOCAL DOG WARDEN Your local Council’s dog warden service will collect any stray dogs found wandering the street. Contact your local authority and surrounding areas as your dog may have wandered further than expected. 4. MAKE A REPORT TO YOUR LOCAL ANIMAL RESCUE CENTRES Many rescue centres keep a lost and found database where your details can be saved in case a match is found. Our Lost Dogs & Cats Line is open seven days a week from 8am until 5pm to receive reports of missing or found animals within the M25 area. The team also works with other lost and found agencies around the country to help reunite as many dogs and cats as possible. Call our Lost Dogs & Cats Line on 020 7627 9245 or fill in our form. 5. REPORT YOUR DOG MISSING TO NEARBY VETS Check with local veterinary surgeries as if your dog has somehow become injured. they may have been taken to a local vet for help. 6. IF YOU SUSPECT YOUR DOG HAS BEEN STOLEN, REPORT IT TO THE POLICE They may be aware of similar activity in your area and be able to help you. 7. SPREAD THE WORD Download our missing poster and add your pet's details - remember to put the posters inside plastic sleeves to protect them from the rain if they're outside. Put them up in local shops, vets, pubs, notice boards, the area where your pet went missing and through the doors of neighbouring streets. Register your dog on any lost and found websites and share on social media. If you find your dog please remember to inform everyone who is keeping an eye out for them and take down any lost posters.