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    How can you improve the mental well-being of your residents?

    Do you often wonder how you can improve the mental health of your residents? Do you worry that the care they are receiving may be sufficient for their physical needs but doesn’t quite cover their mental well-being? It is widely noted that older people are more susceptible to mental health problems, so it is imperative mental health is given an important role when providing care and in the care management software you choose. 2020 has been a turbulent year for many due to the pandemic and care home residents are not exempt from dealing with numerous mental health issues. Here are 4 ways in which you can improve the mental wellbeing of your residents.
    Keeping connections alive
    During the pandemic, many families could not visit care homes which would inevitably have had negative effects on the residents’ mental wellbeing. Though restrictions are lifted now, the same way of physical contact we enjoyed before March is still long gone. Many may have lost their loved ones during this time too. It’s important that the families of residents are always kept in the loop with how they are doing, and regular catchups are arranged virtually or otherwise. The power of human connection and the effect it can have on our mental wellbeing is second to none.

    Physical activities
    When family members can’t visit often or they live too far away, providing engaging and stimulating social activities with other fellow residents where they can converse and engage with each other is paramount to their mental wellbeing. Planning activities such as game nights, movie days, social dining can all be ways to engage with residents and ultimately provides them with something to look forward to every morning.

    Physical problems
    Often when we think of mental health, we always overlook physical wellbeing – forgetting that they both work hand in hand. It’s important to keep track of all physical ailments that may have deteriorated over time and may be causing residents pain or adding to their stress. Unieke’s body mapping chart helps you to manage the residents’ physical wellbeing and keep it up to date.

    Choosing Unieke
    Providing the best person-centred care that involves mental health wellbeing begins, as always, with efficient care management software. A well rounded, detailed care management software that includes all your resident’s needs and even the option for providing the next of kin with access so they, too, can contribute to their care plan and be in the know of how they are doing can be lifesaving. This is where Unieke’s tailor-made care management software can help you in your endeavours. We are delighted to be offering our basic plan for free.