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  • Flavour of Cote d'Ivoire Tour

    Chocolate is one of the most popular food types and flavors in the world and one of the most popular gifts on western feasts and holidays. But most of the consumers hardly know where their favorite food is coming from and how it is processed.

    You are probably wondering what chocolate has to do with Berakha Tours & Travel. Well, two of the countries we are promoting are major producers of cacao beans, 60% of world production. We have therefore decided to run tours that will take our clients to the hearts of the cocoa production. This will be an eye opening tour as they will have the opportunity to visit cacao plantations, hold the pods and see the beans before they are shipped to Europe to be transformed into chocolate. They will also visit the newly established local chocolate factories.

    We believe that at the end of the tour, our clients will love their chocolate more!!

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