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  • Easing of Lockdown

    Easing of Lockdown So here are again at the potential end of this awful lockdown. With the easing of the lockdown, we will all (fingers crossed) now be able to look a designing our new normality and blossoming from the ashes of COVID. However, with good news of vaccines and free testing, we still need to be mindful of not only the Governments continued cautions with regards to social distancing but how individuals may find it difficult to adapt to coming back into the working environment. Business needs to look at the following: • Working practices • Health and Wellbeing • Restructuring • Reviewing of company policies • Adopt twice weekly rapid flow testing (free from the UK Government) If your business has decided to adopt working from home as the new normal, then what have you put in place to support this? Remember we are not out of the woods yet!!! Respect others anxieties. Be patient, we don’t want to have to go backwards. This is not a sprint it’s a marathon, so preparation is paramount. Adaptability is key and compassion is important. Show your employees that you respect and value them. Good Luck to all businesses re-opening on the 12th you require any help, contact us: Support Local Businesses