Our badges

Badges are our system here at Scooploop to show you we appreciate your input.
They also act as a sign to other users that you post valuable content. In addition certain badges come with certain benefits for you, such as the Local Reporter badge. Receive badges for a variety of different reasons detailed below.

Bug Hunter

Bug Hunter Spot a bug or a glitch in the Scooploop system and head over to our tech support page to report it. This is probably the easiest way to earn a badge. Be vigilant and question everything!

Local Reporter

Local Reporter This badge is for users providing valuable content to the local community. Posts from local reporters will receive better visibility from the Scooploop community.

Idea Creator

Idea Creator Inspire us with your thoughts and innovative ideas for the platform. Provide us with constructive feedback and suggestions and there isa strong chance we will say thank you with this badge.

Star User

Star User Voting other users posts and comments doesn't need to mean we agree with them, but simply we appreciate their input into the discussion. Users collecting the highest number of such votes will be automatically assigned this badge. Number of active users upvoting is also taken into the equation for this badge.

Witty Individual

Witty Individual A badge chosen by our team here at Scooploop; given to users who we consider to be running interesting discussions and bringing an interesting approach to the site.

Friendly Aide

Friendly Aide A badge handed out by our team here at Scooploop to users who we consider helpful on the site. Whether you are offering recommendations, support or helpful posts; if you dont feel like posting a lot but you show yourself to answer people needs often - you may get this badge.

Funniest Poster

Funniest Poster An automatically assigned badge handed out on a weekly basis. Based on the posts with the highest number of laughing emoji reactions. You really do know how to make people laugh!

Discussion Starter

Discussion Starter Another automatically assigned badge handed out on a weekly basis. Based on posts bringing in the biggest number of commentators. This badge is triggered on Saturday afternoon and calculated with comments posted under threads created the week before.

User Producer

User Producer (in preparation) A badge for simply getting another user to sign up. All you need to do is share your unique link with someone and they then join Scooploop. If after two weeks this user is still active you are awarded the badge.