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Who's your group, your circle... soon to be your loop

Make your group your new loop with Scooploop. A fully customizable social platform, integrating virtual life with social circles and looping you into the action.
You decide where, how and who you want to mix with. Safe in the knowledge that your privacy is our priority.

Live in loops

  • Local and Global

    Local community, district sports club, international training courses…

  • Privacy

    Your data is yours.
    No selling to 3rd parties…

  • Fully configurable

    Open, private, chat, formal, subloops, membership controls…

  • No data harvesting

    No feed manipulation, no funky algorithms deciding what you see…

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  • Build more business connections, broaden your customer reach and connect with your local community.
  • Set up your business profile page and start networking with other businesses.
  • Promote your deals to our extensive user network.
  • Set up and market your events and offers.

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