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  • Kris @Kris2 Romford updated 2 years ago

    Youths causing trouble at Roneo Corner

    Morning all. I’ve just been reading with horror a couple of posts on the Havering safer streets Facebook page about all the trouble the past few weeks at Roneo corner with teenagers hanging around causing trouble including mugging and beating up other kids. A lady posted photos of them yesterday and now I’ve seen a post suggesting that the lady was found and threatened last night. What on earth is going on. Stay safe out there
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      2 years ago
    • I saw the police talking to them the other Friday. I’ve got to say they didn’t appear to give a toss..

    • I suspect the parent(s) either don’t care or have no control. A couple of the comments on FB say tha..

    • Nice.....trouble is this woman will probably be in trouble for taking photos of “children” . If they..

    • Cuts to police and youth service budgets is at least part of the cause, so we have got what we voted..

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      2 years ago
    • No, they won't. I live in the road off Roneo Corner and almost every time someone phones the police ..

    • I've been told one of the lads live in one of the flats by bus stop that's why they are always hangi..

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      2 years ago
    • I have lived about a hundred yards from the YMCA for over forty years and have never heard of a drug..

    • In this case the police are no deterrent. I’ve seen them talking to this group and they were sneerin..

    • The vast majority of youngsters I meet are really decent people, but unfortunately all generations h..

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