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  • AnnaX @AnnaX Thames Ditton updated 2 years ago

    Winter sun

    Every winter I save for a holiday in the sun. We like a place with something of interest to see and then a bit of downtime. My husband hates flying too far so 11 hours is about the maximum. Last year we went to Sri Lanka, India before that. Any ideas?
    • As I mentioned before the Gambia was great - we went for Xmas and new year

    • After Xmas Caribbean, would have send Bahamas but that a no no now.

      8/9 hour flight , also Mexico Ri..

    • We like the relocation cruises from the Caribbean usually March/April, they are very good value for ..

    • How about a two centre holiday starting in Singapore for about five days and Borneo next to see the ..

    • I went to Nassau in the Bahama islands on a day trip from Fort Lauderdale Florida - the best bit abo..

    • Singapore long flight 13 plus hours

    • Thanks everyone, we went to Anchor Watt Alan and Vietnam for our honeymoon, it was interesting and w..

    • Boots, I'll look into Gambia, is there much to see first as I would think the downtime would be rela..

    • Well it was a long while ago i went and it depends what sort of things you are interested - several ..

    • Thanks Boots will look into it.

    • Also we hired quad bikes and went through a bit of jungle and a long way along the beach almost into..

    • How about Oman. Nice beach, scenery, shopping in the souks, historical places to visit. Not as flash..

    • We went to Singapore Bali and Penang last November. I'd never been to the Far East before. It was ve..

    • What did you think of Singapore Mary, and how long were you there for. For me it's the second-best p..

    • Singapore for about 7 days at the beginning and end of the trip.Visited the various " must see" site..

    • Winter Sun is lovely especially late Jan early Feb, but it depends on how long your planning to go t..

    • Mary, did you go to the Jurong Bird Park and walk though the giant aviaries, or go to the top of the..

    • PS, I forgot to mention the floating football stadium in Marina Bay which must be the most unique fo..

    • Like Michael I was going to suggest Oman. We went this year and had a really good time. Mountains, d..

    • We have been to Oman, unfortunately we took an evening cruise. We were the only people on the boat a..

    • As an update, I've booked Costa Rica, some interesting natural places and wild life to see and then ..

    • That sounds great Anna - hope you have a lovely time, look forward to the photos

    • I know someone who went recently and had a wonderful time.

    • AnnaX, I know a few people that have been to Costa Rica and they have all said its a nature lovers p..

    • Thank Alan F and LesleyA for making me think my rash, hurried decision was a good one. 👜

    • Florida after hurricane season is lovely,Dec till March.

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