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  • Who is the Buffoon Now?.

    Teague @RonT Hillingdon updated 27 days ago

    With Brexit done and dusted, as promised, it would seem to me that the "racist,lying buffoon" has shot some in a tender part of their anatomy.

    One thing is certain is that the good ship Remainers, Returners and Moaners has sunk without trace, so hopefully we will hear less of the negatives and more of the"lets get on with it." approach from now on, but I doubt it.

    I have to admit to frequently regarding BJ as a buffoon while at the same time warning that to underestimate him could be a mistake, and I didn't vote for him as my MP, but now we shall see.

    What I think will be interesting will be to watch where the money moves to which is a sure indicator as to whether we have a promising future or not. Those of you who watch the markets will have noted a small positive movement on thursday even before the deal was confirmed.

    To quote W.S.C. I think that we can "move from the darkness into the broad sunlit uplands"

    What do you think AND WHY.

    • I do have an opinion on this but have found in the past that it's rather a waste of time discussing ..

    • Good response @Le... ! Since Ron chooses to ignore the negatives (I'm yet to hear of any genuine p..

    • @Pe... Positives.... Great trade deal with europe. We are free to trade all round the world on our ..

    • Well said Lesley. My own view is the deal we had while being an EU member was far better than the on..

    • @Mr... We had tariff-free and customs-free trade with Europe before. Now we have massive red t..

    • All very depressing.The 'sunlit uplands' are behind us.

    • May I voice may full agreement with Sok Pupitt. Peter J appears not to want to live in a free sovere..

    • Asking who is the buffoon now just raises the hackles of most readers to attack or defend.Think abou..

    • @Be... viva la Britain!

    • @Pe... left wing negative bias you would wish harm to this country to make your point.

    • @Al... left wing negative bias you would wish harm to this country to make your point.

    • Left wing bias in favour of a more equal society, help for the less fortunate, and respect for the P..

    • I for one don’t see this as a remainer/leave argument anymore. Everyone living in the UK are in this..

    • @Da... - I voted otherwise but totally agree with your sentiments, certainly about the use of certai..

    • Well Belaxyz's views on " traitors" and their fate are well known on this site.

    • @Be... You throw that term 'traitor' around all too often. I find it deeply offensive and supremel..

    • @Le... oh leave off, you can't be that sensitive. I bet you've been called worse.

    • @Mr... - ??

    • @Mr... And as for you, you're solely on SL to antagonise so I generally ignore you too.

    • @Pe... haven't you heard communism is a failed ideology.

    • @Le... why because i don't agree with you.

    • @Le... I also find the term offensive and note @Be... has been careful to omit what he thinks sh..

    • @ma... i have never mentioned traitor or traitors on here or anywhere else.

    • @Mr... I don't think she said you did.

    • @Se... she should make it clear who she's talking about.

    • @ma... thanks for editing to clarify your comment. Don't ignore me, where would the fun be in that? ..

    • Wow! ..... Three days after Christmas and already the knives are out full swing !!! doesn't this bod..

    • It is pointless and a waste of time spending time typing about what you wished had happened. It is a..

    • @Cl... Most of the responses to the OP contained interesting and intelligent debate. Only saw one "..

    • @Mr... who is Bob? Bob Hoskins? 😅

    • @Da... No, he hasn't got $3 million.

    • @Mr... totally agree. except the part about marrying me. you've done alright for yourself. ma..

    • @Da... i ask the same question? Bob????

    • @ma... give it a rest girl, lighten up.

    • @Mr... what’s your wife’s first name ? Lol

    • @Da... "Mildred". she won't respond to it because she doesn't like it.

    • @Mr... As in George?

    • @Da... yes it was her mum's favourite show.

    • @Mr... that’s lovely

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      1 month ago
    • England, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey, and many others have sort to establish tra..

    • Well, so far not one poster has explained why or if we will be better off, happier or safer. I wonde..

    • @Al... we have it's just that you refuse not acknowledge

    • I notice the " traitor" reference is still there ? Hmm 🤔

    • @ma... Hmm🤔 to you too.

    • @Al... "Well, so far not one poster has explained why or if we will be better off, happier or safer...

    • @Al... i forgot to add good cheap British fish and chips.😋 By the way great speech by Boris this mor..

    • I do apologise for using the word "traitor". Could my kind critics tell me what other more pointed w..

    • There doesn’t have to be any word. People voted with what they thought was best for themselves and f..

    • @Be... I think you should point out the pro's and cons of Brexit, as you see it, without assuming ..

    • The defunct remainers are wishing our country fails so that they can get on their high horse and say..

    • The remainers I know personally just say they wish things to go as well as possible as they accept i..

    • @Da... your blessed to know better people than i do. i'm going on some of the ones on here.

    • The post asks what readers think about Churchill's quote..."we can "move from the darkness into the ..

    • @Jo... " hear! hear! " well said 👍

    • @Mr... - sad you should think like that - 'The defunct remainers are wishing our country fails..

    • @Se... I refer you to my previous comment. "SOME" of the ones on here"

    • Yep, later.

    • @Jo... I would add to your comment that it's accounts have not been properly audited for over 20 year..

    • Oh Boy, I really hit the jackpot with this one. The first comment is either an insult or a whine, i'..

    • @Ro... Interesting subject , the EU accounts.[a] produced by politicians[b] inspected by accountants,..

    • @Ro... Lesleys first post was just an honest appraisal, and the claptrap comes mostly from your posts..

    • @Be... really no need to use any word, "pointed" or not, to call people who voted differently to y..

    • @Al... I sometimes wonder if you can read, I defy you to come up with any concrete evidence that I h..

    • Here we go again, they just won't let it go or except the fact that we've left, it was signed off ye..

    • @Ro... I think he was referring to the fact that you marked Bela's comment "helpful". I could be wron..

    • No wonder people get angry with posts like that.

    • @Se... which one ?😂

    • @Ro... if you reread Alan's post he isn't suggesting you used the word but that you gave Belaxyz a " ..

    • @Da... sorry , our posts crossed but making same point

    • @ma... When one posts a "helpful" it implies that you agree with the sentiment of the comment not ne..

    • @Da... - the puppet master. I've given up with the rudeness and arrogance of others.

    • @ma... that's ok I'm glad someone else saw it the way I did

    • @Se... Happy New Years Eve 💕

    • I think the whole Brexit issue has been thoroughly swamped (and drowned) by the enormity of a deadly..

    • @Da... Like wise!

    • @Ha... climate change is the thing people ignore because I feel a lot of the time people don't look in..

    • 'There are none so blind as those who will not see'

    • @Ha... If you want to discuss this subject it might be an idea to start a new post.

    • If we can't' keep the debate on the Brexit deal and its implications then I feel it is time to close..

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