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    Which Level of Veganism Do You Fall Into?

    There are different categories and types of veganism, based on the lifestyle followed. While some people try to follow veganism in the purest form, some find it difficult to maintain the same. Knowing about these categories might help you to choose the best vegan diet for yourself.

    Level 1 Vegan
    The level 1 vegans are people who switch to veganism typically for health benefits. Usually, this level of veganism doesn’t focus on the ethical and environmental benefits of veganism.

    Though the level 1 vegans avoid animal-derived food, they might cheat on rare occasions. Besides enjoying green smoothies they might consume organic honey as well. Hence, we can assume they follow vegan diet for about 95% of the time. These people are the believers of a great balanced diet but are not very strict with their vegan ethics so they might use non-vegan products.

    Level 2 Vegan
    Since they are beyond level 1, they primarily choose a vegan diet to stay fit and active and additionally, are more emotional in nature when it comes to animal cruelty.

    They will initiate an urge to protest against animal agriculture. Yet, they just might flaunt their brand new non-vegan accessories. I

    Level 3 Vegan
    Small changes do make a difference and this is what the level 3 vegans will tell you to motivate you. They are much more aware of animal cruelty and therefore, stand against it firmly. Level 3 vegans are usually conscious when it comes to choosing plant-based foods for diet like capers.

    Level 4 Vegan
    The level 4 vegans are just one level below level 5. Hence, they are aware, confident as well as quite active to opine about animal rights. This level refers to the vegans who are also practical when it comes to making a choice for living.

    They follow a healthy vegan regime, which includes more fruits, vegetables like Eggplant, and nuts like walnuts over packaged foods.

    Level 5 Vegan

    A level 5 vegan is someone who never eats anything that casts a shadow. Now, that sounds very funny and almost impossible. Well, the term was actually used as a humorous barb in the episode of The Simpsons. More precisely, it was first coined in the ‘Lisa the Tree Hugger’ episode of The Simpsons to describe the character, Lisa Simpson.

    A level 5 vegan is the most extreme and difficult level of veganism. It refers to all those vegans who go to the extreme extent to follow a lifestyle that eliminates all exploitation of animals from their lifestyle. It is not about the food but also the products one uses on an everyday basis, starting from the toothbrush to the shoes (they tend to even use vegan combat boots rather than using the leather one).

    Which level are you at?

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