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  • Where Do We Go From Here?

    Teague @RonT Hillingdon updated 17 days ago

    With Brexit done and almost dusted, has anyone any thoughts on where we go forward?. As you know I have no allegiance to any political party so, for what their worth, here are some of my thoughts which I hope are unbiased.

    1) Brexit will be a success if for no other reason big business cannot allow it to fail.

    2)We will suffer from political uncertainty because we have the only two significant parties engaged in internal strife,, so we have to ask ourselves what is the possible outcome?. Consider the current situation:-
    The Labour Party. Having suffered a complete annihilation at the polls, history of the last 100 years shows that NO party has recovered from such a defeat in less than two Parliaments and that was without the added burden of anti semitism. This gives the Tories a massive edge. The one hope Labour have is Sir Keir Starmer, who seems to be the only competent and moderate politician of any stature in the party, but burdened with the likes of Corbyn, MacDonnell and Diane Abbott, his is an uphill task.
    The Conservative Party, at this time they seem to have all the political advantages, a successful Brexit, a big majority and if history is repeated, time. The problems facing the party, I believe are internal strife and possible bad management. They, like Labour, seem to be lacking any substantial people to lead the country, however with all the advantages they currently have they are likely to govern for some time to come.

    The remaining parties are only likely to be an irritation UNLESS they manage to get into a coalition.

    I would welcome constructive and reasoned opinions which i feel will be of interest to us all, insults and abuse do no further intelligent debate.

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    • @Ro... I have given my views and none of us has a crystal ball as to how long this pandemic will last..

    • @Da... Clegg got a referendum on that back in 2011 and was heavily defeated

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    • @Al... calling a few million voters 'simple minded rascist bigots' is not going to help! history is ..

    • @Cl... I think we will have two agree to diisagree on this one. IMO all racists are bigots and simp..

    • @Al... My OP pointed out that insults and abuse do not contribute to intelligent debate, indeed they..

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      19 days ago
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      19 days ago
    • @Ma... All very interesting but we are not discussing Brexit as such only as it can strengthen o..

    • @Da... I have already agreed with you on the question of representation, I have carried out a detail..

    • @Kr... You never fail to surprise me, considering the issues which you clearly feel so sinc..

    • Further to the comment on Brexit in my OP, take cautious note of the opening signs. The Ft 100 today..

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    • Probably shouldn't get involved as I'm too simple-minded but the few people I spoke with at the time..

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    • @Al... one thing you definitely cannot be accused of is a racist IMO.

    • But he's quite happy to accuse other people of things without knowing the first thing about them

    • back on topic please !

    • @Ro... I AM interested in who`s in Government. I will vote for whoever says they`ll clean up the envi..

    • @Kr... We cant clean up the planet on our own, but if only we had a proper statesman as PM ..

    • But I expect we are off-topic @Al....

    • @Kr... Agreed, but be careful or you might find yourself being sued also.

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    • @Ro... There would be an awful lot of people in the court with me then. A lot of more clever,more fam..

    • Why not sell their catch within UK? Is there not a market for them?

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      18 days ago
    • @Kr... I think you either missed the point or perhaps the post, Alan F is going to take leg..

    • @Ca... K Of course there will be winners and losers with such a transition, that is inevitable f..

    • What point did I miss? I was answering that I`d be sued.

    • @Kr... I think you must have missed Alan F's post, now removed, where he stated that he is ..

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    • @An... My apologies Sheila for missing your comment on the Clegg referendum which as you correctly st..

    • Probably because they realised that PR although 'fairer' does tend to result in closer results which..

    • I agree with Clive. No party can be sure of election results or how many will dislike their policies..

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    • @Ro... It's your post so you can try to steer it as you want , but with a subject of such complexity ..

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    • @Te... The beginnings of a hooker den had been removed before I got here but I got the email with a..

    • No one got what they wanted from Brexit!! There`s just as many immigrants and more admin than ever!!..

    • Not enough immigrants to help run the NHS in crisis.

    • @Te... You haven't been missed.

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