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  • Warding off The Black Dog

    I'm usually a 'cup half full' kind of girl but recently I found myself feeling very low, crying a lot, biting people's heads off and generally very sad. I found myself just sinking lower and lower, not getting dressed, forgetting about meetings and crying - good grief the crying!!
    It was all getting too much and I really didn't like the feeling, it felt like I had a lead coat and boots on. But I decided to get dressed and get out of the house and walked - and walked - and walked and when I got home I did feel lighter, brighter and generally happier and the weight had lifted somewhat.
    I don't know if I've come through it but I do know that if I get out the house I do feel a little happier. It's really scary how quickly the darkness can set in and how much effort it takes to start to clear the fog, but I've got far too much I want to do so I'm going to keep putting one foot in front of the other until I can feel the sunshine on my face again.
    • Very true, we know nature heals and just being outside in the elements lifts the spirits. I went for..

    • Thank you for sharing and I hope you continue to feel a little better during these challenging times..

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