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  • TSB Bank Closures

    As I don’t appear to be allowed to reply to a post on here already, I’ll comment here. High street banking has become a thing of the past over the last few years. Everything can now be carried out online, even to the point of videoconferencing. In ten years or so, there’ll be no high street banks.
    • As for “Essex Live” stating that Romford is in Essex? You’d think they’d know it hasn’t been in Esse..

    • @Sy... I will have to report, yet again, the fault on here, which I thought was ok now. Apologies for..

    • Yet another notification I didn't get, even though i am following this discussion

    • @Bo... Yes I never even knew that @Sy... had posted this thread. As you have seen I am reporting thes..

    • @Sy... perhaps you should give them a reminder 👍

    • @Ro... It definitely boils down to the fact that you have me blocked. I can create a post in Romfor..

    • @Sy... it’s still a fault as the team confirmed but we will continue regardless best we can trying to..

    • @Ro... Yes ok perhaps it’s a fault but a fault in the system whereby people you’ve blocked in any o..

    • @Sy... I am moderator of several groups and loops but it only seems to affect you and I. I have been ..

    • @Sy... hi . I am no longer the moderator of this loop and hope you will now maintain it and promote i..


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