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  • Lesley A @Lesley4 Frant updated 2 years ago

    Trees encountered in our travels.

    Hope this isn’t too off the groups focus but I find on holiday one of the things I always notice and photograph is the trees. So perhaps others are the same.
    • Im the same Lesley, but not just on holidays. In Havering we have a tree in one park thats so hollow..

    • Any photos of those in Angkor Watt, Alan?

    • Lots Lesley but I can never download from photos. If some clever person googles "trees in Angkor Wat..

    • Hi Lesley. I went on a guided walk around a local building and grounds. The man explained that th8s ..

    • Yes seen a couple. Lovely flowers - see this link


    • Really lovely Lesley. Have to admit I'd never heard of them. But such a beautiful tree x

    • Has anyone done the tree trail in London? Very pleasant walk if you like trees. And there’s a Tulip ..

    • Whereabouts is that Lesley?

    • It’s all around the City of London (ie the square mile). Very walkable. Best at weekends when it’s v..

    • Thanks gor yhat Lesley. My friends and me have done the old churvhrs up there plys the old cemetries..

    • Love the City of London, such history. Went on a Jack the Ripper tour, that was good.

    • Yrs we are looking at that Fran plus the tours round the really old theatres on a Sunday.

    • I have two strawberry trees in my garden and when I tell people what they are no-one believes me. Th..

    • @Al...

      Only ever seen one mulberry tree on holiday and the fruit was lovely. Do you get some fruit ..

    • We have one tree in our village hall grounds but can not remember if it is a tulip tree or handkerch..

    • Im to old for scrumping Lonicera but I have tried them and yes they are lovely. If any local to me f..

    • And I just came across this! Tree of the year 2019


    • Here's one in the grounds of Thoresby Hall, Nottinghamshire. Sherwood Forest is nearby where your wi..

    • @Le... I just discovered that Enfield has a ‘Tree of tolerance’ - a tulip tree, ‘native to New Yor..

    • Hi Lesley

      We have a plaque in Romford alsp to the people that lost their lives on that terrible day..

    • An awful day. Today is the anniversary of course.

    • Yes My thoughts are w8th the families. Going into town later do may pop in to a church and light a c..

    • There can never be an excuse for mass murder, which 9/11 was, but I wonder if it would have happened..

    • Anyway, back to trees there's a beautiful Albizia Julibrisson tree in a garden backing onto Raphaels..

    • That’s a new one on me, Alan, but googled it and it looks stunning. Also known as the pink silk tree..

    • I remember seeing something similar in Kos but with blue flowers. I stayed in an apartment many year..

    • Well with climate change you never know. I did have a lemon tree outside all winter for a couple of ..

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