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  • Abi @Abi Enfield updated 8 months ago

    Travelling plans

    Where do you plan to go first after lockdown? Maybe you have some nice places you can recommend for March-April?
    • We go to Italy to see friends and family and then Spain where I hope to see my new grandson but have..

    • I'm in 2 minds about Cornwall and Isles of Scilly in July. I think this virus is too unpredictable t..

    • I wouldn't be booking anything at the moment. If I was Rome.

    • No plans yet but not thinking of going abroad this year. They're saying lockdown won't start being l..

    • To be honest I would love to jump on a plane anywhere right now (in a non Covid World). This third l..

    • Abi, Without knowing you're likes and dislikes, plus what we can do its an impossible question, but ..

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      9 months ago
    • Making no plans. Let’s wait and see.

    • Somewhere warm.

    • @Pa... Cheer up. Have a look at La Quinta Park Tenerife. Fantastic hotel, We stayed over Christma..

    • @Al... Try a hotel near Amalfi if you want a relaxing holiday. You always can book a trip to Sorento..

    • If you are looking for a quiet holiday Kos is your destination. Tigaki or Mastihari people book thei..

    • I might go up to Scotland for some of those train rides you see on TV recently, for this year but no..

    • @Ra... What about the Poppy Line?

    • @Lo... I have been on that several times including the Xmas special with the grandkids. It's not ..

    • @Lo... I agree about Capri, Ischia is far less touristy. We got off the boat and found an old tax..

    • @Ra... I know what you mean. Heard these trips are very tiring and one is on the go most of the tim..

    • @Lo... would drive up, stay in hotels and go at our own pace

    • We were hoping to go to Guernsey however I think they will be keeping tourists well away being that ..

    • @Ch... Forgive me if I am wrong, but I believe Guernsey doesn't have a reciprocal health agreem..

    • @Al... we always pay for adequate insurance but yes I believe you are correct about Guernsey. As we ..

    • @Ab... I'm hoping to book Malta but not for 2 years. All this travel corridors covid stuff must be sor..

    • @Ab... March-April? Really? There's optimism for you! I'm thinking about provisional plans for 2022 - ..

    • I have lots of flights booked as all last years were moved to this year. Who would have thought last..

    • @An... All this time, amazingly, I've managed to kid myself that it will all be over in a few months..

    • I'm getting doubtful about these vaccinations myself. How long will they last and can you vaccinate ..

    • @Ja... I feel very much the same, especially for many who have weak immune systems, are receiving o..

    • @Ja... Well they do a flu jab every year don't they, maybe they will combine the two! there are lot..

    • @Ro... Yes, another vote for some good weather. I spent most of the first lockdown pottering in the..

    • I thought they might do a double jab every year as well.

    • My husband easily gets a tan so just in the garden he looks like he has been abroad .

    • @Ch... I do wish I had that kind of skin - instead of the pale blue/transparent type that just ..

    • I don’t even have to go in the garden. I was born that way 😄

    • @Ha... I’m the same as you. I have to use high factor sun lotion too as I burn so easily. So he looks ..

    • @Ch... My tanned friend says that I look like I've been dipped in a barrel of flour!

      I used t..

    • @Ha... exactly like me. If I do manage a tan it fades so quickly no one else sees it!

    • I tan easily but use a high factor nowadays especially on my face. My father was dark skinned so my ..

    • My mother had a beautiful peach-toned 'English rose' complexion. Did I take after her? No, my brothe..

    • @Ha... beauty is in the eye of the beholder. A kind heart is the best attribute anyone can have.

    • @Ab... I would love to go to Casablanca in Morroco. Never been, but it looks beautiful!

    • How about Marrakech?

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