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  • This might be of some help.

    The lockdown came after the discovery in London and the South East of a new strain of coronavirus associated with a quicker spread than previous versions, which has already reached other parts of the UK.

    On Sunday, health secretary Matt Hancock warned that the new strain was “out of control”.

    • The way things are going i wouldn't be surprised if whole UK is in "Tier 4" by end of the week :(

    • There's a Boris speech this afternoon 😒

    • Saying "the virus is out of control" was the most stupid thing hancock could say.

    • Hi all, i would like to share some good news with you.My friend that was in hospital for 3 weeks wit..

    • @Mr... that’s good news. My daughter in law recovered quickly although four weeks after still ..

    • I have been wondering about one of our members who used to post regularly, but have not heard from h..

    • I have been wondering about him too, if it wasn't for the restrictions I might have thought he had g..

    • @Da... This is new...Long Covid patients are being haunted by "unbearable" odours like fish and burn..

    • @Mr... that IS new - why are the smells never nice things like gum drops or petrol or coffee?

    • @Da... hahaha your right. it's like weeds and flowers. God doesn't want us to have it easy. let me j..

    • Bacon, fried onions and fresh baked bread

    • @Mr... love it! And nail varnish remover lol and bleach!

    • Or the best one - the smell of recent rain

    • @An... now we're talking i'm in desperate need of a bacon sandwich. 😋

    • @Da... varnish remover, recent rain, yes bleach i'll pass.

    • seaside

    • @Mr... I wish they made air fresheners smelling of bleach. Two of my fav scents in the world a..

    • @Da... that's good to know i'll send you my washing, cos Mildred always puts too much starch in my u..

    • @Mr... conjures up rude comments about stiffness

    • @Bo... I ignored the retort that popped in my head when I read his comment 😂😅

    • @Bo... it's just that it is painful when i sit down, with stiff under pants, i can't help your saucy..

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