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  • Sylvia @Sylv Romford updated 1 month ago

    The U.K.

    Is hosting the COP26 UN climate change summit in Glasgow commencing on 31st October. The Government did sign up to all of its principles. But, hold on, to broker a trade deal with Australia, the government have given in to two of the Aussies’ demands and are going to renege on those principles. So much for the government’s commitment to fighting global warming. Hypocrites.
    • @Sy... Hiya, I know who you are now. 😉

    • The only victims of the Governments climate change dreams are US. Same as all other countries. It is..

    • @So... I know who I am too. Do you know who you are?

    • @Sy... some others have noticed, and your posts have confirmed it. 🤓

    • Just another worthless promise.

    • @So... For one who pontificates about paranoia on here with people accusing members of being alia..

    • The French can lash out all they want but this is a small Island and we are over populated as it is ..

    • @Sy... hahaha you have confirmed it a little bit more now.

    • @Jo... This thread is a discussion about the Paris Climate Summit. Nothing to do with immigrati..

    • @So... Do you “get off” on harassing women? Perhaps it’s because you’re severely lacking in a cer..

    • There is only one solution to climate change and that's to reduce overpopulation. Nothing else will ..

    • @So... Incidentally, this discussion is about the government’s decision to renege on parts of the..

    • @Sy... Sorry, I did not realise.

    • @Jo... That’s ok. No problem.

    • @So... Now I see why they say “ignorance is bliss”

    • @Jo... I totally agree with you. 👍

    • Man-made pollution of the atmosphere, cutting down rain forests in a wild bonanza, stripping the sea..

    • But look on the bright side - thank our lucky stars it is not Global Cooling - where an Ice Age woul..

    • @Sy... I hope you are enjoying your bliss, but these figures don't lie, and are increasing year on ye..

    • @So...

      AND man-made pollution and Planet desecration will increase in proportion to the populati..

    • The only answer that these Ruling imbecilic morons have to Global Warming is to pathetically increas..

    • @Sy... If you keep disagreeing with the soc thing he will block you. He posted recently that all unbo..

    • I fail to understand why our appointed clowns get so involved in Climate Change when little old UK h..

    • @So... You certainly have a politician’s proclivity for going off at a tangent don’t you. I’ll wa..

    • @So... Overpopulation is certainly a factor, but not the whole story. There is vast inequality in..

    • Over the years the UK has contributed quite a lot to CO2, methane and pollution. In the past the Bri..

    • @Ry... Really-I thought every country in the western world did? We are after all one of the richer h..

    • @Sy... Typical-can`t trust any of this Government! If summat looks better for votes or their pockets ..

    • Unfortunately the genie is out of the bottle we are all use to our life styles and it would be very ..

    • @Sy... now this is very interesting, someone else used this very same phrase to describe me: "a polit..

    • @Ry... Don't take the Goverment claims about reduced UK CO2 emissions at face value. Much of the man..

    • @Te...

      Don't you know the worlds biggest polluters ? Why waste my time ? You only have to Google..

    • @Te...

      And here are the Top 20 countries - the UK is way down the list at number 16. Not even in t..

    • Unless there is a worldwide agreement that every nation of the world agrees to participate in, the t..

    • @So...

      It is simply our elected clowns that still live in the land of Rule Britannia and Empire ..

    • @Ry... Thank you, you condescending, arrogant ...

      You have consistently shown that you are only on ..

    • @Ry... That`s quite a lot of CO2 considering what a small country we are though. We are the 80th lar..

    • The whole point of this discussion has been lost by people going off in a tangent.

      My original poin..

    • @Sy... I commented about the main point! Posts on `Anything` tend to go off on tangents. Post on `Sav..

    • @Kr... Especially as it is understated because it does not include goods manufactured overs..

    • @Kr... A better comparison is average CO2 emissions per person.

    • @Kr... Responses on "Save the Planet" may be more focused on the topic, but this is a mains..

    • @Sy... if you listed exactly the clauses being dropped, you may get a better response and discussion...

    • @Te... Inclined to agree Terry. I often post in BOTH! One gets it out to the unaware masses and one..

    • Is this post to inform on environmental treaty changes or about political trade deals?

    • Any thread on climate is bound to deviate onto CO2 offenders, especially as the UK are relatively in..

    • @Ry... What a silly statement. Any country that spews ANY amount of noxious gasses into the atmosphe..

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