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  • Strange junk mail.

    Has anyone had anything like this put through their door? My husband almost came to blows with the man who posted it as we have a very visible sign on our letterbox stating “ no junk Mail” but the man ignored it. Anyway, it’s a strange one and definitely an American conspiracy theory organisation. Here are photos of the offending leaflet back and front.

    • @Ca... hello nice to see that you have posted. It's anti...CCP that's the Chinese Communist par..

    • Any junk mail goes straight into the bin, might glance at it if bored, still goes in bin afterwards.

    • @Ca... I've just had a thought it might be that they want to build one of the biggest Chinese e..

    • @Mr... Yes it’s a leaflet asking people to sign a petition for putting an end to the Chinese C..

    • @Ra... The point is, it shouldn’t have been posted through my letterbox in the first place.

    • @Ca... I don't see how people signing the petition will end the CCP. as if they're going to tak..

    • @Ca... I've got a sign... no junk mail but they don't take any notice

    • Pointless.

    • Most of the people being paid to drop leaf have limited understanding of English Language.

    • Being paid is probably the operative word, they just deliver them.

    • @Ly... How do you know?

    • Well because they cannot read the notices on the front doors Alan, can they??

    • @Ly... The chap that posted the aforementioned leaflet was an English man that got quite lippy when..

    • @Ca... Oh dear, sounds like he deserved it then. We get regular leaflet droppers in my road and..

    • The bottom line is we can only decide if it is junk mail once we have read it. Some of the unsolicit..

    • @Al... My husband and I class junk mail as anything whatsoever that doesn’t have our names and addre..

    • The junk mail delivery people are quite often not English and very poorly paid for the job. I asked ..

    • Best junk mail I had was to join Streetlife.

    • All this, "its non-english speaking foreigners delivering leafletts for low money" is a little bit r..

    • @Mi... how? How would you describe it in a plain speaking honest way then?

    • We have a no junk Mail sign up too and it often gets ignored. No big deal and no need to threaten an..

    • @Mi... factual observation. Nothing racist about it

    • @Ly... unfortunately the days of plane speaking honest ways are long gone now.

    • @ma... your not allowed factual observations anymore haven't you heard?

    • @Ra... It should go to recycling

    • @Mr... I really get p.... d off when people make these flippant remarks about racism. I have a..

    • I googled `How many leaflet distributors are not of English heritage`(very PC!) Of course it couldn`..

    • @Ly... there are a few on this site who are not particularly " anti-racist" ( some quite the opposi..

    • @Ly... to talk about foreigners or immigration now has been turned into a taboo subject.

    • The subject certainly wandered on this thread 😌 but I did look up the endccp website and had a read...

    • Most junk mail is delivered by Royal Mail. It is possible to opt out, but Royal Mail doesn't make it..

    • How true @Te.... My postman handed the mail the other day,since I was outside and said "Sorry-it`s ..

    • They get paid to deliver it ! a nice little earner for them, and probably charge more for people to ..

    • There are probably just as many white english people delivering leaflets as non-english speaking imm..

    • @Cl... There is no charge for opting-out, if you can find a way to do it.

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