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  • For Sale and Free: Soft Contact Lenses for Sale (use by date - October 2024)

    Bob A @BobSurrey Chelsham updated 19 days ago

    Now that I have had eye surgery for lens replacement, I no longer need these soft contact lenses. 1 unopened pack of 30 and one pack of 22, so 52 in total. 'Acuvue Moist'. Each lens is in a foil-sealed, plastic bubble. Bought in February; use-by-date is October 2024.

    Spec: Power: -4.25 BC: 8.5 Dia:14.5 Axis: 180 CY: -1.25

    For astigmatism.

    Cost me £41.55 - selling for £20. You can email me ( or send a PM.