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    Sir Philip Green and NDAs

    So a worker (a woman boss) was allegedly paid a million pounds for signing a Non Disclosure Agreement, to remain silent. I think that she should now pay this back if she has reneged on this agreement. I hope these agreements are made illegal in the future if only to stop some women and men coming out of the woodwork years later with all the allegations. Why did the famous stars come out against Harvey Weinstein only when they became famous. Another famous actress had a two page article in the paper accusing a famous producer of assaulting her. It was ironic that he did this the first time she went to his apartment, yet she still went back everyday because she wanted a part in a film he was producing. Also she was not a young starlet, I think she was about 27.
    • How can you make a NDA illegal, it's at the very center of many business negotiations.

    • I think Philip Green is without doubt a totally odious individual who doesn’t have 1 ounce of integr..

    • Have you ever met him I reckon no, you facts come from the newspapers think of many that have done a..

    • No you’re right I haven’t met him , but what you’re saying then is believe nothing we read good or b..

    • Did you buy anything from BHS

    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      2 years ago
    • This comment was deleted by its author.

      2 years ago
    • Can I just say that I met him on many occasions and he is an absolutely awful individual and most pe..

    • I am not going to defend him, but how many women in the workplace were assaulted by managers years a..

    • Perhaps I am missing something what has he been charged with?

    • it should be for being a lewd nasty bully and he has been using his power to intimidate women for ye..

    • They are not forced to work for him double standard I think

    • Im no fan of Phillip Green but as bad as he is and the damage he has caused to peoples lives is smal..

    • I know nothing about Sir Philip Green who sounds like a typical commercial sexual predator. However,..

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