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  • Sylvia @Sylv Romford updated 1 month ago

    Shocking experience

    Strimming our lawn edge merrily away when all of a sudden there was a flash and a bang that emanated from the handle of the strimmer. I dropped it like a hot potato. I nearly had kittens. Husband’s checking it now.
    • Sounds like the switch has shorted out, which seems a pretty unlikely failure, unless it's got wet. ..

    • @Pe... Nothing so drastic husband informs me. The electric wire became frayed? where it enters the ..

    • @Pe... He’s repairing it now.

    • @Sy... Good job it didn't burn your hands. I had that happen once with a hairdryer frightened the lif..

    • @Ma... I bet it did me too when the strimmer threw a wobbly.

    • Here’s a photo my husband took of the offending strimmer. I’ve pointed a black arrow where the elect..

    • Yep ....gone just where I expected !!!! can't remember how many hairdryers, tongs etc I've been hand..

    • @Cl... My husband held his hands up and said it’s partly his fault. He said there’s a place in the ..

    • @Cl... I don't wind my wire round the handle now. I hang the hairdryer on a hook in the cupboard, w..

    • It's always a good idea to use a protective device (RCD) with any power tool. You can get small RCD ..

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