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  • Sadiq Khan in cronyism row over untendered contracts

    Labour has become embroiled in its own “cronyism” row as it emerged that Sadiq Khan has handed out £500 million in contracts without going through the usual tender process,

    The contracts, which were not put out to competitive bidding, include five agreements awarded to a firm whose chairman is the uncle of a Labour frontbencher, who at the time worked for the London Mayor.

    The revelations have led senior Tories to accuse Labour (which has repeatedly attacked the Government for awarding contracts to firms during the coronavirus without openly advertising them) of hypocrisy.

    Transport for London, which he is chairman of, has awarded approximately half a billion pounds through 946 contracts which did not go through the usual open tendering process.
    The firm’s chairman, Peter Murray, is the uncle of James Murray, the former deputy mayor for housing at City Hall who advised Mr Khan during his election campaigns.

    • They are all bloody at it,whatever party they come from. No wonder we are are so politically cynical..

    • @Kr... Please do not go into shock, there are exceptions.We should applaud our honest polit..

    • @Kr... yes they all are just as bad, but this stings a little more, as Labour likes to get ..

    • It's only £500 million of our money...

    • @Mr.... As far as I`m concerned BOTH/ALL parties do it equally.

    • Par for the course, years ago when I became involved with importing goods from the east we would oft..

    • @Ro... - that's terrible.

    • yep.... but in many countries ' corruption' like that is considered the 'norm' and if you did not pl..

    • in a lot of countries it's the old saying not what you know but who you know, and back handers talk.

    • I would think that's every country.

    • @Se... in varying degrees

    • @Ro... NOT racist because it`s just as bad here now! Bribes here are not direct back-handers as they ..

    • @Se... Welcome to "the normal" be it old normal, or new normal...cronyism and corruption, aka money..

    • @Kr... I agree but it is important to differentiate between backhanders and promotional exp..

    • @Ro... -I haven't found that useful at all, to be frank.

    • I know of recruitment agencies that use prostitutes to get business. and apparently it works really ..

    • @Ro... T - I found this interesting - when weighing up costs and outcomes, there are sometimes aspects..

    • @Li... most charity’s Falls Prevention services will take them too

    • BUT .. do correspondents think Sadiq Khan is putting business in his contacts pockets, and wonder wh..

    • It's fascinating at which point a post goes off on a tangent.

    • @Se... Perfectly OK , just ignore it, others found it interesting which is all that matters.

    • @Li... Thank you Liz your comment was very useful, after my recent surgery the hospital insisted tha..

    • @Ro... T - I have also found the Red Cross invaluable when I needed to borrow walkers and a wheelchair..

    • That came over a tad ungrateful, if I may say. Agree wholeheartedly with

      Elizabeth S @Li...

    • @Se... First your not interested and then I'm ungrateful which is totally incorrect. I will be eter..

    • Equipment is given after a hospital stay not to stop being sued but because to discharge you there h..

    • @Ro... - I didn't say I wasn't interested (useful was the word) and agree with the waste aspect, I've..

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