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  • Dave @Dave Hornchurch updated 9 months ago

    Problem Viewing Video...........

    content in the app.
    I’ve had three people in my group reporting that they can’t view videos I’ve posted from Twitter in the app. This has only manifested itself recently apparently. Is there a problem with the app? People using the website have no problem. Your help in this matter would be appreciated. Thank you.
    • @Da... thanks for reporting, I don't think anything was changed in the app lately that could have aff..

    • @To... One is using an iPhone 7. Another on android. Not sure about the third.

    • This happens on the Android app, as sent by feedback.

    • @To... I’ve had a person within my group report that she’s still experiencing problems viewing Twitt..

    • @Da... yes it was rectified in the android app version 1.20.06 however I have no knowledge of the app..

    • @Ra... Thanks for that. I can’t comment on the Apple app. I use an IPad Pro but log in to SL via th..

    • @To... Please forget my query. The person who had the problem has resolved it successfully.

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