• For Sale and Free: Print Image for Sale: Buddha & Squirrel

    Are you looking for a gift for someone who loves nature or perhaps a unique print for your own home?

    I have a series of prints of Wild Life images I have taken while working in South London and from my partners garden in Streatham.

    This image of Buddha & Squirrel is the same Stand Up Squirrel that previously appeared in our Streatham garden during 2020 (the print of which is also listed for sale on scooploop)

    I attach below a photograph of the framed portrait of Buddha & Squirrel which is in our sitting room. The image is approximately 20cm x 24 cm and looks fantastic especially with Squirrel making direct eye contact with Buddha.

    As with all the images of prints I have posted for sale it is not a screen grab from a video, or a remote camera (or photo-shopped) but taken by me with my own phone camera.

    If you would like to first see a clear and framed example of the Streatham Squirrel & others from my series I would be very happy to arrange a personal visit (on a no obligation basis) in accordance within existing lockdown guidelines.

    I would also add that the images look good on T-Shirts which I can also arrange.

    For further information regarding my series of images or for a quote to tidy up your garden please contact me Sean on 079 333 87 082. My hourly rate is £12.

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