• For Sale and Free: Print For Sale: Stand Up Squirrel

    Here is the Third of my series of Wild Life images taken by me while working in South London and from my partners garden:

    This Squirrel was another visitor to my partners Streatham Garden & who appeared just outside the kitchen window one morning during Lockdown.

    This particular Squirrel was far bolder and far more confident that the other squirrels who normally run around the garden.

    When I approached the window rather than run up the nearest tree the Squirrel just stood up stared right at me and adopted a boxers stance and did not flinch as I snapped away on my camera phone.

    Absolute Character.

    I have edited one of the images entitled 2 Metres for my gardening profile image here on Scoop.

    I attach below a photograph of my own framed portrait of the Stand Up Squirrel which is now in the kitchen.

    This image is not a screen grab from a video, or a remote camera (or photo-shopped) but taken by me with my phone camera.

    The original unmarked print of looks fantastic when framed as 30 cm x 40 cm size (11.8' x 15.8") and would look great in your home or as a unique gift for friends and family.

    If you would like to first see a clear and framed example of Stand Up Squirrel & others from my series I would be very happy to arrange a personal visit (on a no obligation basis) in accordance within existing lockdown guidelines.

    I would also add that the images look good on T-Shirts which I can also arrange.

    For further information regarding my series of images or for a quote to tidy up your garden please contact me Sean on 079 333 87 082. My hourly rate is £12.

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