• For Sale and Free: Print For Sale: Jersey Tiger Moth-Indonesian Batik 1960s Californian Tie Dye

    Print for sale is a picture of a Jersey Tiger Moth which I photographed last summer in Streatham.

    They are mainly found in the south of England, particularly in Devon and Dorset.

    They have also been recorded in Sussex, Kent, the Isle of Wight and around London.

    As with all the print images I am offering for sale they are personal and unique from actual photos I have taken with my own camera phone. It is not a screen grab from a video camera, or taken by a remotely operated camera. Nor is it photo-shopped.

    The attached image of the Jersey Tiger Moth is a photo of my own framed version (30 cm x 40 cm size/11.8' x 15.8") and I think the pattern on the wings resembles an Indonesian batik design or a 1960s Californian Tie Dye.

    The Print price does not include a Frame and this would be additional charge if required.

    If you would like to initially see an actual framed example of the Jersey Tiger Moth & other images from my series I would be very happy to arrange a personal visit in accordance within existing/future lockdown guidelines.

    For further information regarding my series of print images or for a quote to tidy up your garden contact me Sean on 079 333 87 082. My hourly rate is £12.

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