• For Sale and Free: Print For Sale: Green Bush Cricket aka Bruce!

    The Print for sale is of a Green Bush Cricket from a photo I took while working few years ago in the South of France. The French call them "Sauterelles"& call Grasshopper Criquet!

    Bush Crickets and Grasshoppers are very similar but Bush Crickets have long antennae, often many times the length of their body, whereas Grasshoppers have short antennae.

    In the image I have uploaded you may be able to see the long antennae reaching up to the top of the right side.

    Bush Crickets tend to be nocturnal where Grasshoppers are more active during the day.

    Grasshoppers are vegetarian whereas most Bush Crickets in France are omnivorous, feeding on vegetation, seeds, & occasional prey. Apparently some Bush Cricket species are 100% carnivorous!

    He was nicknamed Bruce after the Kung Fu sensation Bruce Lee -Star of Enter the Dragon as he was too quick for us and was not Grasshopper (nod to 1970s Tv show for those familiar with the world of Big Daddy & Hot Chocolate.)

    As with all the print images I am offering for sale they are personal and unique from actual photos I have taken with my own camera phone. It is not a screen grab from a video camera, or taken by a remotely operated camera. Nor is it photo-shopped.

    The attached image of Bruce is a photo of my own framed version (30 cm x 40 cm size/11.8' x 15.8").

    The Print price does not include a Frame and this would be additional charge if required.

    If you would like to initially see an actual framed example of Bruce & other images from my series (includes Foxes, Squirrels, & Butterflies) I would be very happy to arrange a personal visit in accordance within existing/future lockdown guidelines.

    For further information regarding my series of print images or for a quote to tidy up your garden contact me Sean on 079 333 87 082. My hourly rate is £12.

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