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  • Potentially dangerous glass worktop saver

    I was preparing the ingredients for my lunch: Warburtons bread for ham sandwich, chopped home-grown tomatoes, top off the butter dish; reached for the jar of mustard from the cupboard over the glass saver, and dropped it on to the glass worktop saver. It shattered in to hundreds of fragments of various sizes, including icicle shaped shards. They completely covered the worktop and the kitchen floor. I recently bought some from Sainsburys, and had previously bought some from Tesco. They appear to be identical; smooth on one side, and rippled on the other. I don't know which shop the shattered one came from. It was a lengthy cleanup operation, and everything had to be inspected/washed, and all food thrown away. I shall be replacing them all with something safer.
    • That's bad. The best, least intrusive, worktop savers I have are the large silicone mats (I think th..

    • Thanks. I'll have a look at those.

    • Are you still fuming and sitting down with something strong? It is not the board but the cleaning up..

    • @Lo... - I have a thick oak handmade board received as a present which I never use as such, lovel..

    • @Lo...

      2X Silicone Baking Mat Set - Premium 100% BPA Free - Non-Stick Baking Mat - Professional..

    • @Se... Thanks Got silicone sheets. John was preparing a sandwich so would think no good for choppin..

    • @Lo... Main purpose was as a worktop saver. Cannot have wooden ones as we have vegetarians and ve..

    • I'm going to sound terrible here. Kitchen worktop here is 95% marble or something, very hard and shi..

    • @Jo... Good luck, just a warning. I hit my toe on a shopping trolly once. It is rather painful and ..

    • @Se... Understand what we all could do in the past ... no more.

    • @Lo... I'm sure John is young and beautiful so he should be OK with them all!

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Product/utility or service recommendations. Money saving tips.

You may be aware that some reviews cannot be trusted, as they are placed by people who are paid to do so. Having acquired some rubbish products, I thought it would be helpful to have a group where members could post about how pleased/displeased they were with a product or service, or ask for recommendations for a product or service they would like to buy, or share any money saving tips.

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