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    Post Brexit Woes

    Southern Water was recently fined £90 million for dumping untreated sewage and chemicals into rivers and the sea. Now, companies have been given carte blanche to do just that because of lack of chemicals for the treatment works.
    • @Sy... Brexit: Not only back to the 50th, now back to the Middle Ages.

    • This article is biased propaganda and misleading by the Independent, If you scroll to the end it say..

    • At least it was corrected ... and I gather that in order to do this, water companies have to have a ..

    • @So... - However, the following is a direct quote from the Environment Agency. The '[ie Brexit]' ..

    • @Li... The Environment Agency, not Defra.

    • @Li... - looks like case-by-case, and in certain cases it won't be granted.

    • Some water companies have been getting away with discharging partly treated and raw sewage into rive..

    • @Te... The waiver has been introduced by the Environment Agency, but Defra has to approve its use. ..

    • @So... I’m glad you read the article in it’s entirety. Yes, there was an edit at the end of it, b..

    • @Sy... you are determined to focus just on that unrelated point. It is covid and problems with the ch..

    • @So... The pandemic hasn’t helped no, but the biggest problem is the thousands of HGV drivers who..

    • @Sy...



      Driving licence body faces huge backlog cases due to strikes and Covid disruption


    • @Sy... did you know Socrates has a childish habit of blocking anyone that disagrees with him.

      Don’t ..

    • @Li... https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/sep/07/government-ease-sewage-discharge-rules-amid-..

    • @So... - you say that the original article is biased, and yet you omit to mention that Brexit is ..

    • @Pe... A counter balanced view to Sylv's.

    • @So... That’s rubbish and you must know that. That has nothing to do with the lack of HGV drivers..

    • @Sy... That sounds like a re cipe for dissaster

    • @Sy... These "facts" were debunked on Radio 4 "More or Less".

    • @Te... - 'debunked' is a bit misleading. Clarified!

      The ONS reckons the number of HGV drivers ha..

    • @Sy... how can it be rubbish it's there in black and white the facts. Or are we only allowed to belie..

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      1 month ago
    • @Te... Sick of hearing"Reduced funding".It crops up everywhere.

    • @Kr... Does "Austerity Measures" or "Political Choice" sound better?

    • @Kr... Agreed, but that's what it is.

    • @Te... I know I`m sick of the Governement doing it!

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