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    Teague @RonT Hillingdon updated 10 days ago

    In a recent post on pictures I said that I was experimenting with converting some of my film pictures into digital files by means other than scanning as the scans suffered from loss of the quality that was in the original work.

    Appended are some of the results, which are photographs of the original exhibition prints made from film negatives. The digital files were made using a basic DSLR an Olympus E500 which is a very “steam” model by current standards, mounted on a good solid tripod. The prints were propped up against a wall and photographed using domestic room lighting, nothing complicated. This process is very simple and if any of you have old pictures for which you would like copies give it a try.

    The more perceptive observer might wonder how I was able to get the original pictures WITHOUT any people in view, well if you look carefully you will see that there is a clue in a couple of the shots.

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