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  • Sylvia @Sylv Romford updated 25 days ago

    PhD Student

    I think it needs to be mentioned for all to see the hassle the student encountered. She is a PhD student who had reached out to people on Scooploop for help in a simple questionnaire for which I duly completed for her. Yesterday, she left Scooploop completely because of negative and quite frankly,unacceptable comments aimed at her. It has since come to my attention that she has made comments on a Facebook forum of how nasty Scooploop is. Not a great look for Scooploop.
    • In which loop did she post?

    • @Ve... She posted in two loops that I’m aware of.

    • @Sy... can you post a link to the Fb comments ?

    • @Ve... The thread she got negative/nasty comments in has been shut down by someone.

    • I haven't seen any thread with a student getting nasty comments?

    • Unless you can tell us the names of the two loops @Sy... how can we comment on your statement and wou..

    • @Da... I've just read one thread and, yes, there was criticism of age brackets but it's a tough worl..

    • @Sy... Is that thread still visible? If so, can you assess who was responsible for the negativity/nas..

    • @An... what loop was it on?

    • @Di... Have you read the thread? If not, how do you know it was "known troublemakers"?

    • @Da... I knew you were going to ask that and I can't damn well remember or remember how I found it ...

    • @Bo... No I can’t. When I commented on the original SL thread about how sorry I was to see she’d lef..

    • https://www.scooploop.com/thread/participants-needed#comment_289114

    • I remember this though I never saw any negative comments. I did, however, see a few posts where the ..

    • Just read the thread,.

      What I find interesting is why a FB mod would contact someone who said they d..

    • @An... The point about putting some suggestions in square brackets is that I don't know if they're ap..

    • @Yo... I'm interested to know why 'I’ve been quietly watching and noting all this stuff for the las..

    • @Da... Just what I was wondering!

    • @Da... I’m glad you find it interesting. The reason a FB moderator contacted me is quite simple. The..

    • @Yo... How do you know she was refused entry to a group ? - if so it was possibly because she was a..

    • @Sy... if they are a member of scoop surely they could have put the case forward that most people on ..

    • @Mr... Because I’m doing a PHD in social media chat groups……I have never asked to join your ‘..

    • @Da... I can’t answer that on behalf of the person that contacted me.

    • I have now read the thread and didn't find the comments "nasty". More like constructive criticism wh..

    • @Sy... also I notice her post was weeks ago, why is she talking about it on FB now?Also, it's a bit r..

    • Could the Facebook/Scooploop member not have made his/her own comment rather than through you?

    • @Da... why should she have to? Just take a look at this thread, shrouded in suspicion, with a member..

    • It’s obvious that people differ in their interpretation of nasty versus constructive comments. That’..

    • @Yo... why should who have to what? The fb mod? Who said it was a female?

    • @Yo... I think we are very welcoming 🤣

    • Off topic: @Yo... what is a "a non moderator defunct group"?

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