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  • John H @JohnH6 Westcliff-On-Sea updated 12 months ago

    Paid for review? What do you think?

    An Amazon review for hair clippers: 'After sporting the David Bellamy (legend, RIP you wonderful man) look for quite some time during the lock down i purchased these clippers, for my wonderful better half to cut my wild locks.

    WOW these are good, nice and sharp, fast charging and holds the charge well. to say they are the best clippers i have own would be an understatement! no more occasional lumps of hair getting ripped out of my scalp... which is a bonus! even better than well known branded ones!

    Admittedly I wasn't looking for cordless, wrongly believing they would not stand up to corded clippers, but if you're reading this you know corded clippers are either super expensive or off brand with dodgy reviews so i went for these. They are just as good if not better.

    Nicely packaged and well presented, this might be expected BUT its not always the case. I once imported many thousands of different items from China, so know the price points of packaging... and these do not disappoint. Yet another reason to appreciate a good seller. OK its not a big deal but its good to keep the box for storage.

    Used a couple of times now and since purchasing these I no longer have people giving me 20p for a cup of tea in the street. BUY THESE.....

    After wracking my brain to think of one bad point, all i could come up with is the instructions. No where in this comprehensive instruction manual could i find a warning about using when drunk? So I'd add that, NO NOT USE WHILST DRUNK.... its a little note but an important one.

    PS. it might sound like a paid review, its not. I really wish I could get paid for this but alas I dont. I just appreciate a good product and a good seller.'

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Product/utility or service recommendations. Money saving tips.

You may be aware that some reviews cannot be trusted, as they are placed by people who are paid to do so. Having acquired some rubbish products, I thought it would be helpful to have a group where members could post about how pleased/displeased they were with a product or service, or ask for recommendations for a product or service they would like to buy, or share any money saving tips.

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