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  • Kris @Kris2 Romford updated 2 years ago

    Online supermarket shopping

    A lot of Scooploopers have recently spoken about online supermarket delivery. Here we’ve been doing our monthly shop online with Tesco for about 6 months now without any major issue... until now.
    We ordered £440 worth of stuff on Thursday morning and it was delivered Friday. Yesterday I checked our bank account and Tesco had taken £506.40
    Phoned them today to query it and they said the price on order is an estimate and the actual price is calculated on the day of delivery based on store prices that day (it does say that in the small print but it also says they will email you to let you know if promotional prices have changed, which they did not). The guy on the phone was very unhelpful and could only offer to email me an updated receipt to compare to the estimate. Both have been printed and my other half is currently going through them. So far we’ve found 40 promotional items that have been charged full price. Beware!!!
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      2 years ago
    • Update: they are refusing to refund the difference because apparently it is my responsibility to go ..

    • Tesco don’t usually email with substitutions the driver tells you when dropping off and you have the..

    • I buy plenty online but have never done a food shop. We usually shop at Aldi which is a ten minute e..

    • Kris. I’m confused. I do online shopping at Tesco occasionally, and when the delivery driver deliver..

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      2 years ago
    • i get my deliveries from Asda and usually no problems, if items are a short date or a bit 'iffy' I r..

    • Tesco aren’t that way around Boots, they bill on delivery. I’d actually prefer it the Asda way after..

    • BTW -- Asda don't give you a written receipt anymore - [they are saving 40.000 trees they say]

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      2 years ago
    • We use Asda at work we get a vat receipt

    • Kris. I pay my online Tesco shopping with a debit card so I pay what it says on the final amount on ..

    • Vat on bottle water, cleaning products cakes sweets snacks all at 20% don’t you remember the Jaffa c..

    • Tesco have changed that a few months ago (apparently). They bill on delivery, so can change the pric..

    • Fiona only answered half of your question 2011 we starting paying vat in certain food stuffs

    • I have never paid any VAT on any of the food I buy I'm glad to say.

    • You do if you buy the items listed all worked into the price fact

    • No. I don't.

    • Fiona are you saying you don’t pay vat because you don’t buy these items

    • The offical Vat handbook - https://www.revenue.ie/en/tax-professionals/tdm/value-added-tax/part03-ta..

    • I buy some of the things you mentioned Terry so suppose I am paying VAT but it isn't shown on the bi..

    • Government imposed in 2011 through the back doorstep even bloody toothpaste that’s an essential item

    • So an update for anyone that is interested, as I feel you can’t make this up!! I got home from a mee..

    • As I usually only use Asda I didn't realise that I was getting a better deal by being charged at ord..

    • I wouldn’t have thought it’s a better deal, but at least you know the price is not going to change. ..

    • Better because if I order on a price deal I know they will honour it

    • Good grief, what on earth did we do before online shopping. I have never shopped online. I like to s..

    • Before there was on line shopping [ or before I was on line] whenever I had a large or heavy shop I ..

    • Next month Kris send us a picture of the monthly food delivery I can imagine the size boxes bags etc

    • Mrs r driving a GLC. She fills the boot of that once a week

    • After singing the praises of Asda yesterday i have to rewind................ my delivery is due toda..

    • No vodka available or just not enough for your order?

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      2 years ago
    • I use my local Co-op almost every day

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      2 years ago
    • Yes i understand that Jon - just saying that i use other shops as well as doing an on line shop. Don..

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