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    National Health Action Party

    If anyone is interested, there is a webinar taking place at 6:30 this evening to discuss the Health and Care Bill that is in the process of going through the Westminster parliament. With the second reading of this Bill just weeks away, it is vital that our members understand what it means and what we can do about it. The Health and Social Care Act of 2012 proved disastrous for our NHS, and this webinar will be an excellent opportunity to learn more about what the new Bill offers. If you are worried what is happening and going to happen to our NHS, register for a place in the discussion, click on this link.
    • The Zoom meeting this evening was very enlightening. All I will say is, our NHS is in mortal danger...

    • This isn't given much media coverage, but my understanding is that despite the government's claims, ..

    • @Pe... I’m surprised you’re not aware of the NHA Party. You should have joined the Zoom meeting yes..

    • @Sy... - no time. Too many other urgent things already needed doing. (Think I'll still be working thr..

    • Do you not think the National Health Service has become antiquated and not fit for purpose. It's onl..

    • @So... Did you join the webinar yesterday evening?

    • @So... - B******s to that. Just look at the States to see what a terrible alternative fully priva..

    • @Pe... I'm just comparing with what my friend in the States says. He is astounded how long we have ..

    • Just to add.... our teeth are the laughing stock of America. If we had their system our generation w..

    • @So... Did your friend happen to mention the number of people that plead “don’t call an ambulance..

    • @Sy... a lot of people are under the misconception that the National Health Service is free it is not..

    • @So... I see it’s no good carrying on this discussion with you. You’re a committed privatisation ..

    • I'm not anything, I just what a health service that works. Billions have been thrown at it over deca..

    • @So... - my garage usually advised me it was better to persevere with the car who's history I kne..

    • @Pe... so you would prefer an old rickety car with no safety features that keeps breaking down and ..

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