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    Below is a copy and paste of your comment in the thread “Labelling” yesterday in which you state you’d be happy to “hear” any of our thoughts. I would like to put forward a suggestion which in my mind requires serious thought by yourselves. Yesterday, a certain Scooploop member posted a libellous comment about me. It was a disgraceful stain on my integrity as a moderator of a limited group. I reported said comment to yourselves and after what seemed to me to be an unacceptable delay, you removed the post. I believe any user that posts outlandish libellous posts, should be immediately suspended from Scooploop and warned that further misdemeanours would mean expulsion.
    I’m going to close this discussion with yourselves as I don’t want it to descend into a free for all.
    ScooploopSupport South Bank (14.8 miles) 1 day ago
    Thank you for all of your thoughts. We always aim to moderate our groups fairly and on a case by case basis. We understand that 'labelling' can be found annoying, however it is also an extremely difficult issue to crack down on, as if we were to remove every term that can be linked to a person / group of people there would be much less content available on Scooploop!
    We are always happy to hear any thoughts on how you believe this could be dealt with and what our user base would appreciate.
    Have a great day

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